fugazi – red medicine/live @ ft. reno park

Do You Like Me & Reclamation at the Teamster’s Hall, Baltimore Dec ’98

Birthday Pony

Fugazi Red Medicine 1995. Ian MacKaye (vocals), Guy Picciotto (guitar), Joe Lally (bass), Brendan Canty (drums). With Red Medicine, their fourth album, Fugazi demonstrated they were evolving into something much more experimental and expansive than a hardcore band

  1. Do You Like Me
  2. Bed for the Scraping
  3. Latest Disgrace
  4. Birthday Pony
  5. Forensic Scene
  6. Combination Lock
  7. Fell, Destroyed
  8. By You
  9. Version
  10. Target
  11. Back to Base
  12. Downed City
  13. Long Distance Runner

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“I definitely think from Red Medicine on, we took a turn because we felt a lot more confident about producing the records ourselves. That for us was a big shift, because before that I think we felt intimidated in the studio because it was one of the few things where we weren’t in control of how everything worked. Because we didn’t know. And I think that the process of building up the knowledge, from Red Medicine on, we felt that we could produce the records ourselves. We know how the machines work and we’re able to take control. I think that’s been the shift, for sure” –  Guy Picciotto

Fell, Destroyed

Following the break up of Minor Threat in ’83, Ian MacKaye was in a few short-lived groups before forming one of the most influential post-hardcore outfits of the next decade: Fugazi – the name comes from the Vietnam War acronym for ‘Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In’

Formed originally as a trio in ’87, with Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally and Brendan Canty, Guy Picciotto made it four when he joined as guitarist. Fugazi’s albums have been produced entirely independently within their own Dischord Records framework, allowing them to achieve mainstream success while remaining loyal to their own independent distribution values. As well as releasing all their records on their own label, the band stick to the punk ethos of not fleecing their fans: the prices for their records and gigs is kept low. Fugazi brought their hardcore punk energy to denser, more considered instrumental compositions and released a succession of hardcore classics throughout the ’90s: Repeater (’90), Steady Diet of Nothing (’91), In on the Kill Taker (’93) and ’95’s Red Medicine

“There are some major labels who are suddenly enamored of us because our name is on a list in some trade publication. Those people I don’t really have much time for because they really don’t have time for me. We’re just not interested. There’s nothing the labels can offer us that would be worth the loss of control over our own music” – Ian MacKaye

Ian discusses Fugazi & Dischord Records

Fugazi Live at Ft. Reno Park 2002-07-01

  1. Intro
  2. Cashout
  3. Full Disclosure
  4. Break
  5. Smallpox Champion
  6. Back to Base
  7. Life And Limb
  8. Close Captioned
  9. Rend It
  10. Furniture
  11. Strangelight
  12. The Kill
  13. Argument
  14. Nightshop
  15. Epic Problem
  16. Blueprint
  17. Arpeggiator
  18. Song #1

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